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About EDC

Communication that engendered business

EDC is an out-of-the-box communications and design agency that offers you an all-in-one solution

EDC provides complete services in the areas of Media relations, Marketing Advisory, Graphic and Web Design, Telemarketing and Events in a joint way. Through a conductive and strategic line, EDC becomes a powerful ally of your company, transforming its information communication solutions.

Value your time

Focus on developing your business and leave your marketing strategy with EDC. EDC operates as an outsourcing marketing and design department, developing all actions related to the promotion of your company or working in any of the areas in isolation.

EDC has a great goal: to engender business to its clients.

Practice Areas

EDC has the capacity to carry out marketing projects in all areas of the market, with special focus in the areas of Information Technology, Consumer & Lifestyle, Renewable Energies and Tourism, among others.

Information Technologies

The Information Technology area has its own language, which needs to be correctly identified and adapted to reach the public.

EDC provides in-depth knowledge of the ICT market, who are familiar with the best strategies to apply in the areas of media relations, communication, design, business consulting and telemarketing.

Consumer & Lifestyle

EDC has consultants specialized in communicating and promoting B2C out-of-the-box campaigns, carrying out the project from planning and design to execution and analysis of results.

The agency’s market knowledge makes the promotion of any product a success, from cosmetics to consumer electronics. All with the maximum of creativity and professionalism and with just one interlocutor.

Renewable energy

One of the emerging market sectors needs special communication.

EDC has a wide range of services available to companies in this sector, from specialized press services, content marketing, social media management, telemarketing, and other.

Travel & Tourism

One of the prefered sector in Portugal, which needs an out-of-the-box strategy, which speeds up brand communication on all fronts.

A correct planning and execution of the marketing strategy, ensured by close collaboration with an agency that can be with you from start to finish, is the most important in this sector.

Communication that engendered business

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