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Social Network Management

Social Network Management – for all companies

EDC has social network management services that enable you to increase your visibility to potential customer communities. We support a number of social networks with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin as our expertise, helping companies to grow and interact with their audiences on a digital level.

We offer complete social media management services that include strategy definition – depending on the audience, communication goals and market evolution -, high quality content – with graphic design and multimedia – and platform monitoring to ensure those goals.


Social media advertising management services

In addition to managing your social network in an organic way, we also offer Social Ads service with strategy, implementation and monitoring in order to boost your message by increasing the reach of the page and due publications. With this service, we aim to ensure the increase of your ROI and optimize your communication at the level of:

  • Sales optimization;
  • Increase Leads.

Generate results through social networks

We want your business to expand along the social networks most relevant to you. Our social media management services are results-oriented, linking all social channels to find more leads and greater engagement of your audience, driving real and organic traffic to your customers’ sites and online stores.

Why do you need a social media management company?

Social networks are the most used social space today. This is where your first point of contact is with your customers, or your potential customers, regardless of the industry in which you operate.

To reach this target successfully, you must keep them attentive and interested in your message so that it is always your first choice. This is possible through a well-defined strategy that allows the public interested in your sector to become business leads.

A large majority of companies, whether through their directors or their marketing and communications department, do not have the time to manage all networks efficiently. Our job is to be an extension of your company that allows you to work in this potential market, making it a business.

Social Network Management

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